Days 13 - 21

Monday, March 23, 2015

| Day 13 |

"You showed up way too many times on this blog post."

"This is just such a great stick!"
This is Jess. Or Jessie. Or Jessica Matsuda. Or Sica. To the girl who has too many names to count, I thank for being one of the truest friends on campus. It was good to catch up again after spring break. This was also the day I promised that we would get a hermit crab senior year, if and only if we end up living together. God help me. 

| Day 14 |

"I'm so glad you made it today!"

perfect weather (around 70* all day) + back at frisbee practice (even if it's just watching) = happy happy happy
Even though I was just watching, it was so so so so good to be back at frisbee practice. Everyone has gotten so much better!! It's so awesome to see the flow that we've developed as a team. Look at 'em – they're beautiful. What gems. So much Red Hot Love.

| Day 15 |

"You've got a friend in me."

Do you wear green on St. Paddy's in college? 
Or is any holiday just another excuse to ~~celebrate~~??? WE LOVE CELEBRATING. And we wore green. And the desserts at DHall were green. Like wow. Cool. 
Jessica's second appearance.
We love ~~celebrating~~. And top hats. And snap chats. And life. And loving life. And making friends. Yay. Life is so good.

| Day 16 |

"'And how do we feel about him?' yeah that's a total mom thing to say."

Beautiful setting sunset at dinner from Lou's.
Loved having dinner with Haley and a bunch of other beautiful souls in a beautiful place. I love laughing til my sides ache.

Pi Phi's IM volleyball team made it to the finals!!
Oh how I miss volleyball. Saying that I was competing from the bleachers has to be a funny visual, but I can't really think of another way to describe it. 

| Day 17 |

"You're my cuppa tea. And I always burn my tongue because I get overexcited, which I think is a metaphor. I just really like you a lot."

She's busy counting sheep & I'm counting the ways I'll miss her when she's abroad in CHILE!!!
Lily officially got accepted to her super awesome study abroad program which is so so exciting, even though I am going to miss her more than she knows❤️❤️❤️

| Day 18 |

"True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart."

Gummy dinos from Aileen make my life a much better place. 
Post card from Becca in Budapest!
I miss my friends who are abroad so so much, but it feels so good to know that they still care even though they're thousand miles away. 

Westhampton Lake
Life is beautiful, and love is beautiful, and like wow look at this campus.

| Day 19 |

"If I die, my funeral theme is 80's-highlighter."

JTow + Babs.
Oh my god, the joys of ultimate frisbee. There is nothing happier in life than frisbee tournaments and the esprit de corps of the whole thing. Because the sport doesn't have any official refs, everyone has to keep cool heads in the middle of a competitive sport, which makes for a really cool atmosphere. Even though I didn't get to play, it was still so so so great to be back with the girls who mean so much to me. Plus, can we please appreciate that JTow stood still long enough for me to take a picture of her with Babs on her head? AND SMILED FOR IT?! 

| Day 20 |

"Cookout is joy and happiness."

Taking Anna's Cookout virginity.
(& Jessie's third appearance)
For all of my people on the West Coast – we may have In-n-Out, but nothing compares to the beauty of Cookout. Their milkshakes –which they call "Fancy shakes," because they're really just so fancy, you don't even know– their hushpuppies, their ambiance... like wow. Nothing quite like a milkshake that takes your full mental effort to get up the straw. I'm really a fan. (May I just suggest the cappuccino-Oreo milkshake.)

| Day 21 |

"I just wanted to binge-watch that show!!"

Happy that I have a pham that will pose for snaps.
Honestly, there's nothing better than chillin in the cottage. Everyone was kickin' it here tonight, painting coolers or doing homework. Haley and I watched "Married at First Sight" (which is a totally ridiculous notion, but entertaining nonetheless). You can only swipe in to your sorority's cottage, and basically the only thing I can compare those privileges to is like when you reach a certain level on video games and are finally granted access to other regions of the map. But better. Because there are cookies and people who love you inside.

Happily yours,


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