#SongCrushSunday: Summer Roads

Sunday, July 19, 2015

There's nothing like the summer to make you want to roll your car windows down and blast the stereo. Inspired by the trending hashtags, #ManCrushMonday and #WomanCrushWednesday, my friend Ruby came up with #SongCrushSunday, the perfect way to start a conversation about the songs that make us happy. After taking a few road trips this summer (to D.C. and then New Jersey), I decided to compile a short list of my favorite songs for a summer drive.

1. "Summer in the City (Yites Remix)"  Sunbathers ft. DJ Yites

This song is perfect for when you just want to jam out and have a dance party without having to think too hard about the lyrics. Pairs well with road trips or late nights with friends.

2. "Tongue tied"  Grouplove

Following the electric feels from "Summer in the City," "Tongue tied" is great for car dance parties, with moments that feel like you're at a live concert. Pairs well with dance parties (personal or group setting).

3. "Hold Back the River"  James Bay

This song is ready to be belted out at the top of your lungs ― even if you only sing in your car and / or shower (hey, I don't judge). Pairs well with a good attitude on life.

4. "Jackie and Wilson" ― Hozier

I was first exposed to this song by the Redhots' annual mixtape. If you're looking for more sounds from the man that so desperately wants you to take him to church, this song can help you imagine just what a future with said man could be. Pairs well with a thoughtful drive, full heart, and a blustery afternoon.

5. "The General" ― Dispatch

You know those songs that are more of a story than just a poem or really wicked set of instruments? That's this song in a nutshell, which I fell in love with after hearing it at an a capella concert in the spring. Pairs well with an ambitious determination to learn and in turn spit all the lyrics, and sunshine.

*full disclosure the second half of this list is country because the genre is practically synonomous with summer and sunshine.*

6. "House Party" ― Sam Hunt

Work blues got you down? Feeling like you just wanna curl up into a ball and pretend that you don't need to see people in your free time? Alternatively, are you so ready to see everyone you love in a single moment and have the best of times? Here's the summer anthem for you. Pairs well with driving home after work on a Friday night, and then at any given weekend festivity (especially if it's a house party). 

7. "Why Don't We Just Dance" ― Josh Turner

This song will forever remind me of Narae, which basically means it always leaves a giant smile on my face. (The music video is worth checking out, too.) Pairs well with a good mood (or anyone in need of being put in one), and dancing feet. 

8. "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" ― Kieth Urban

What Rolling Stone calls a "genre-jumping" track is perfect for your ride home from work, or to or from anywhere, really. Name dropping three important Johns, Urban creates your country-encompassing anthem. Pairs well with a young soul and good time.

9. "Crushin' It" ― Brad Paisley

Ever feel like you just can't catch a break? In this song, Paisley reminds listeners that "every week has a weekend," and that's the truth of the finer things in life. Pairs well with sunshine and summer drives.

10. "Wagon Wheel" ― Darius Rucker

Intentionally saved for last, "Wagon Wheel" is a classic whose chorus can be belted out with the windows down, or appreciated for it's gentler verses. Don't forget to join in on the chorus. Pairs well with anything, everything, the moment is always right.

Happily yours,


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