10 on 10: 10 Things I Love About Being Back on Campus

Thursday, September 10, 2015

[the beginning of a new series]

~~~Welcome to the first 10 on 10 post!!~~~ 10 on 10's are a way of jotting down ten awesome things about any given topic on the 10th of every month. So, even though I loved my month at home, I couldn't be happier to be back in Richmond. Which leads me to *drum roll please:*

| 10 Things I Love About Being Back on Campus |


After a year living across the hall from these lovely ladies, we finally get to live together in our own suite (no hall bathrooms #blessed).

2. This view:

Hello lake. Hello you beautiful, beautiful home.

3. The Redhots:

MY TEAM. In case it wasn't already obvious, I love these people.


4. I love having Pi Phi sisters.

Already, our pledge class has hung out so much. We are getting ready for our annual Lip Sync (#PiBetaPhilanthropy), which is Middle School Jams themed, which basically means we're going to get up and make fools of ourselves for literacy. We love to see that.

5. Aileen:

Sweet sweet Aileen was gone last semester and even though it flew by, I am so so so happy she's back.

6. RVA:

The University itself is great, but the city of Richmond is just as cool. Honestly, I am so amazed every time I leave to adventure it.

7. Lodges:

Life is a lodge and my big is the dopeness. I mean, they open tomorrow, but the hype is TOO REAL (especially because it will be the first time Haley and I go to a lodge together -- so so so ready).

8. DHall breakfast:

#blessed by triangle potatoes and short wait time in the omelet line.


Oh my goodness there are so many little things running around campus that still don't know the difference between Theta and Theta Chi (precious) and look lost in the library and the ones on the frisbee team (appropriately named frisbabies), are the cutest things EVER.

10. My classes

I know this might sound ridiculous, but I honestly love all the classes I'm taking. I got to switch into a higher level Spanish class than I initially thought I would be in and we're reading Spanish poetry which is just beautiful. And all of them are already starting to tie together which is literally my favorite thing about a liberal arts education (shameless plug).

Happily yours,


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