#SongCrushSunday: Tracks I'm Fallin For

Sunday, October 25, 2015

God bless the changing leaves, the changing of seasons, and Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists. Something about fall just reminds me of everything that's still good in this world. It reminds me that because change is inevitable, a fresh start is always around the corner. Another unexpected blessing has been absolutely incredible music suggestions from Spotify every week on their new Discover Weekly playlists. Not totally sure that there's anything that super ties them together except they all were suggestions, but let's see if we find a common thread as we go.

1. "Back to You"  Twin Forls

Joyful folk I first heard on "Reign," Season One.
Notable lyric: Follow the signs right back to you / Back to you (back to you) / I know they wind right back to you

2. "Chivalry is Dead"  Trevor Wesley

Literally so suave it hurts. I personally think this song is ridiculously hilarious, too.
Notable lyric: Just 'cause I'm a gentleman don't mean I ain't taking you to bed. (also, check this video out.)

3. "Cold Cold Man" Saint Motel

In case anyone was at a loss for what to say to the person they're fallin for.
Notable lyric: You're the only one worth seeing. / The only place worth being. / The only bed worth sleeping's / the one right next to you.

4. "Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran)" ― Rudimental

Super pop-y Ed (who is perfection anyway) so this is just genius.
Notable lyric: If you're scared when you're out on your own / Just remember me / Cause I won't let you go.

5. "Ten Feet Tall" ― Afrojack, Wrabel

Sucker for electronic male ballads, #sorrynotsorry.
Notable: [general fan of the way he sings the entirety of the chorus]

6. "Safe Place to Land" ― Christian Burghardt

Let's rethink love and being consoled. You could definitely interpret this song to be about a significant other, but honestly, I took it as a reminder that my friends will always have my back – something they've proved so many times this last month.
Notable lyric: I'll always be your tried and true– / When your wings give out on you, / I'm always gonna be your safe place to land.

7. "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" ― Felix Jaehn, Jasmine Thompson

tbh this song will forever remind me of Queen Latifah and Steve Martin in Bringing Down the House. Easily one of my favorite scenes.
Notable lyric: And now we're flyin' through the stars / I hope this night will last forever.

8. "Postcards" ― James Blunt

Makes you believe in the beauty of love again. Makes me excited to be totally in love with someone.
The notable lyrics are the entirety of the chorus: I’m sending postcards from my heart, / With love for a postmark and then, / You’ll know that you make me, / Feel like we’ve been caught. / Like kids in the school-yard again. / And I can’t keep it to myself. / Can’t spell it any better: / L-O-V-E forever. / I hope you know that I’m, / Sending a postcard, I don’t care who sees what I’ve said. / Or if the whole world knows what’s in my head.

9. "Higher Education" ― Will Dailey

One of those songs that just surprises you with everything it has to offer you.
Notable lyric: I learned to dance / From a girl who could dance / Far better than I could even breathe

10. "Heart's Content" ― Brandi Carlile

The perfect way to wind down this playlist: sweet, soft sounds that close the night out leaving you to ponder how love will find a way.
Notable lyric: Maybe we hurt / Who we love the most / Maybe it's all we can stand / Maybe we walk through the world as ghosts / Break my own heart before you can.

Happily yours,


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