10 Things I Learned This Semester

Thursday, December 10, 2015

| 10 Things I Learned This Semester |

1. the power of a planner.

this semester was the first time I truly committed to using my planner. I make to-do lists unapologetically. I color coordinate my due dates in a way that makes logical sense to me. though it may seem contradictory, surely enough, it is this strict organization that helps me to live in the moment.

2. it IS possible to finish a journal.

I finally finished the journal I’ve been writing in since my senior year of high school and rewarded myself by getting a nice new one (though finding the perfect one may have taken an absurd amount of time).

3. everyone should have to be made aware of their privilege.

honestly, let’s make “privilege awareness education” mandatory. let’s make it a gen ed requirement, or even a mandatory Wellness (a la Alcohol Edu). we really can’t live in a world where a white, conservative male, from an upper-class family, attending a private university honestly believes he doesn’t have privilege.
*side note: everyone should consider taking an intro anthropology class. I think it’d really change the way we look at and talk about the problems in the world.*

4. not going to church makes a huge difference.

I’ve really been slacking on my church attendance this semester and I can tell that it’s taken its toll. going back more consistently is definitely on my to-do list for the spring semester.

5. set some limits (even if it’s awkward)

this lesson is two-fold: first, I learned to set some limits of what I would tolerate from others and what I would tolerate from myself. secondly, I learned how to verbalize exactly what I expected from my relationships with people (and the importance of doing so). these two parts of a very important lesson reminded me of my personal power during a semester when I felt like I really had next to none.

6. it’s okay to want to be left alone, and it’s okay to not.

there’s a difference between being “lonely” and being “alone.” it’s also super okay to want your momma. I never really understood homesickness as a freshman, but I’ve been dealing with it a whole lot this semester.

7. be kind and be human.

this is basically a reiteration of my last post. I think that far too often it’s easy to feel like we’ve been wronged and hold a grudge and let our mean flag fly when we don’t mean to. which leads me to my next point:

8. forgive.

forgive others, and forgive yourself. so yeah, sometimes we’re wronged, sometimes we wrong others. forgive them as best you can, and forgive yourself even if they cannot.

9. loyalty, and the way people understand it, is a funny thing.

I don’t really get it. that is all.

10. New Girl actually can solve a sad day.

no matter what kind of day you’re having, this show can restore my faith in love and relationships (I just finished the second season which has me reeling on tears of joy). and even on episodes where love isn’t the center of attention, I honestly can’t make it through a full 20 minutes without a good hearty belly laugh. which I would argue is one of the best medicines.

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