Back at it Again [with Some Minor Adjustments]

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

[back from my mini hiatus]

Hello sweet people of the internet! I know it's been since the end of the summer that I've developed my thoughts on this outlet called a blog, which is just not consistent enough for a ~following~ according to every source on how to maintain a blog ever.

Anywho, this semester has probably been the busiest ever, and luckily, it's been in all the best ways. As dweeby as it sounds, I actually really love all of my classes (even my Wellness requirement), even though this is probably the hardest semester so far. In this semester, I think I've talked more about honest and effective communication more than anything else, or at any other point in my life. Which has led me to think about why on earth we beat around the damn bush. If something bothers you, voice it, try to resolve it, and then move on with your life. It's a waste of time and energy to pour yourself into things that aren't bringing you joy!

Since this semester has started, I've hung out with some of my favorite people...

... been reunited with some of the most incredible people on the planet...

... had the opportunity to meet some more...


... and found out where I'll be studying abroad this fall (my dad's alma mater in Bilbao, Spain) and working this summer (Center for Student Missions, in Washington D.C.)!

Deusto, Bilbao Campus

Happily yours,


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