#SongCrushSunday: Latin@ Pride

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Following up on my post about identity, I want to offer y'all a playlist that celebrates one of my favorite parts of cultura Latina.* I'm sure that there are some here that have become mainstream enough for some people to identify, but if not, I hope you enjoy them anyway!

1. "Bailando - Spanish Version"  Enrique Iglesias

I don't mess around with the English version. This way or the highway, obviamente.

2. "Inténtalo"  3BallMTY

I found love in a Zumba studio and never looked back.

3. "El Perdón" ― Nicky Jam + Enrique Iglesias

Esto sí me gusta!

4. "Darte un Beso" ― Prince Royce

"Yo sólo quiero darte un beso / Y regalarte mis mañanas / Cantar para calmar tus miedos / Quiero que no te falte nada." Yeah, and they say chivalry is dead. 

5. "Propuesta Indecente" ― Romeo Santos

Yup, this is 180 degrees from the last sweet, sweet ballad. Enjoy this for the music, and really only translate the lyrics if you're in the mood for something altogether racy.

6. "Suavemente" ― Elvis Crespo

This started to play last semester at our school's pre-finals "Midnight Munchies" study break just as my friends and I had started to leave and I'm not saying I pulled it up on my phone to play it on the walk back to our dorm, but I'm also not saying I didn't.

7. "El Taxi" ― Osmani García + Pitbull + Sensato del Patio

This is fun and upbeat. And for people just skimming the list for another familiar name, here's our favorite Cuban.

8. "Niña Bonita" ― Chino & Nacho

Makes you believe in the beauty of love again. So so sweet and lovely. There's so much love here.

9. "Márchate Ahora" ― Los Totora

If you're sitting still during this one, you're doing it wrong.

10. "Sígueme Y Te Sigo" ― Daddy Yankee

It wouldn't be a Latin playlist without including Daddy Yankee.

Good luck with the last week of classes and your finals!!!

Happily yours,


*I don't italicize Spanish words because that creates a sense of "other"ness, when in reality, being Latina is essential to part of my identity. For more on this, check this out.